Metal lathe Fiberglass systems

Metal Lathe fiberglass systems are the premier system to install of over new or existing plywood surfaces such as balcony's, walkways, stairs , patios and more.

Incorporating metal lathe along with strong polymer modified cements give a incredibly strong surface for the installation of the acrylic fiber glass system. These systems can be finished in a variety's of texture, patterns, colors and even stains to achieve a stunning function appearance! Metal lathe systems carry a 1 hour fire rated ICBO certificate and Pro-seal Systems uses only the best products in the industry.

Magnesite decking repair and fiberlass systems

A fiberglass waterproofing system can extend the life of you existing Magnesite decking surface.

  • Low down time for your tennets
  • Cost less the a complete tear out and rebuild.
  • Easy to repair and maintain.
  • 5 Year maintenance period
  • Non-slip textures.
  • Attractive appearance
  • Protects structure from water intrusion

Liquid applied Elastromerics

 These durable, abrasion resistant urethane pedestrian waterproofing  systems are designed to provide protection against moisture penetration  and to prevent concrete slabs from spalling during extreme temperature  fluctuations. They provide excellent adhesion and impact resistance,  superior crack-bridging flexibility, and weather resistance. Each system  is engineered to accommodate varying levels of pedestrian traffic and  is meant for installation over occupied spaces. 

Metal lathe

Magnesite Fiberglassing